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Do you log your fitness exercises in a notebook? Do you think you might have reached your workout plateau? You should be the first to try GymStory! With our connected strength product your phone tracks your full workout for you, so that you can keep making progress, share your results with friends or compete against each other.

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What if we told you that ...

with your phone

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and our sensor

anything is achievable

With GymStory anything is possible


Is what the app costs you. Our app is free and will stay that way.


Of the gym members we spoke to want to use our product.


More time to focus on your workout with GymStory.

It's all you ever wanted in the gym

Just like activity tracking apps for running, cycling and steps, GymStory operates fully automatically. This means that you can fully focus on your strength fitness exercises and experience the utmost fun!

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The activity tracker for fitness inside a gym.

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This is our secret

It’s called the StoryTracker. We install it in your gym on strength fitness equipment, which means you do not need to bring it yourself! You only need your phone. It connects to your smartphone, tracks your exercises and transfers the data to your app. It is that simple!

This is how it will look like.


"I cannot wait to track my workouts! I've been waiting too long for a fitness activity tracker! I love Strava and this is its equivalent."
Fitness exerciser

This product can help lots of people

"This can help lots of people continue and enjoy their sports activity, which should also have a beneficial effect on their health."
Philips innovation award 2019
Jury member

4 features people like from us:

follow others

Follow your friends and see what do in the gym and what exercises they have done. Be inspired!

saved to the cloud

Once you saved your workout, you can access your results anywhere and anytime via the app.

minimise your logging handlings

You only need to press 'Start' before and 'Save' after your workout. We do the rest for you.

play games with your fitness results

Play games with your results. Compete against yourself and friends. Have fun!

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